Daily Mail-Breast Density is Breast Cancer risk

Women are being kept in the dark over the most important clue as to whether they will get breast cancer, leading doctors warned last night. Breast density is a much more important risk factor even than family history for most people, they say. Among younger women, four in ten cases of breast cancer can be blamed … More Daily Mail-Breast Density is Breast Cancer risk

Japanese women now in the know about being dense

American and Japanese breast radiologists are on record to say they cannot see clearly through mammographic Breast Density. Women with dense breasts, in these countries, are informed accordingly and are advised to avail of supplementary breast screening like Ultrasound or MRI. How do American and Japanese women differ from Irish women? Irish women are NOT … More Japanese women now in the know about being dense

Let’s have the information 👭👭👭

Minister for Health cancerstrategy17 Dear Minister Simon Harris, Please give Irish women access to their breast density levels. This information can be included in our BreastCheck mammogram result notification letters. It is a simple request, just tell us what our mammogram sees. Written answer from Minister for Health, Simon Harris Awareness is key and Irish women … More Let’s have the information 👭👭👭

Why are we waiting?

For decades, almost 40 years, Breast Density has been widely recognised as a clinical indicator and independent risk factor for breast cancer. For years, reputable medical journals, eminent radiologists, Breast Cancer Research Scientists, Patient Advocates, have all given us indisputable evidence of the associated risk factors between Breast density and Breast cancer, including late stage … More Why are we waiting?


It’s a read one share one! Ladies please share this with all of the women you know and love. Read it and then share it. It really is that simple and something that could change their life. #informwomen Irish women want and deserve change in their breast screening protocols. For years, the effects of breast … More #informwomen

That little voice “what if my cancer comes back”

For most people, worries about their cancer returning are often prompted or intensified by certain things. For example, the anniversary of your diagnosis or surgery or news of a celebrity being diagnosed with cancer can stir up feelings of angst and evoke difficult memories of times you may rather forget. The anxiety surrounding follow-up exams … More That little voice “what if my cancer comes back”