I Am Dense

I use Social Media a lot. I have found it a wonderful way to share information about Patient Advocacy. I try to ensure that I share evidence based information at all times.

Today during a short exchange on a FB chat, it was suggested that Breast Density Advocacy might be scaremongering. I can assure you that Breast Density is very real.

In October we’ll hear and see lots about Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Screening. Women will be reminded that they need to be aware of signs and symptoms and that is so important. We all know that the earlier any type of Cancer is detected the better. Right❓

Women with Dense Breasts, however, are unlikely to avail of Early Detection through Breast Cancer Screening, while their Breast Density is routinely ignored. Having Very Dense Breasts is a silent risk factor for Breast Cancer. A risk factor women don’t know about. A risk factor greater than Familial History of Breast Cancer. A risk factor that women are not told about, even when it’s clearly evident on their Screening Mammograms. A risk factor once described as, Mammogram’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’
http://www.beingdense.com are giving #Breastdensity a Voice. It is no longer ‘Silent’
We don’t want it to be anyone’s ‘Little Secret’ –
dirty or otherwise!

BreastCheck are still ‘Silent’ however❗

It doesn’t have to be this way. It absolutely should NOT be this way.

Let’s Face It Together – Breast Density

#IAmDense #TellMe #October2020


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