The ‘not-so-pink’ link to Breast cancer

Read one share one 👭👭👭 Please share this article from the Huffington Post with ALL the important women in your world, because THEY are worth it. Jo Malone, Cath Kidston, Maggie Smith, Olivia Newton-John, Jenni Murray and Kylie Minogue All these women have one thing in common……. to read on click below 👭 After a … More The ‘not-so-pink’ link to Breast cancer

Yahoo – reporting on Breast Density

PLEASE read and share with ALL the significant women in your life. This YAHOO news feature (click below) explains WHY knowing your breast density is so significant and how it can impact on a woman’s life. 20 years ago the women in the USA were where Irish Women are now, in relation to breast … More Yahoo – reporting on Breast Density

Demystify Breast Density Fog for Irish Women

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in Ireland. Almost 3,000 women in  Ireland are diagnosed each year. Breast cancer accounts for one third of all newly diagnosed cancers in women in Ireland and is the second highest cause of cancer death. Early detection leads to far better outcomes for patients. For two … More Demystify Breast Density Fog for Irish Women