Music Connects People

February the 4th was #WorldCancerDay and there were events happening all over the world to mark the occasion. had the wonderful honour of being invited to #ChoirsforCancer2019 on Friday 2nd February.  This was the first time this event was held but I am quite sure it won’t be the last.  It was really quite special.   

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.  That’s certainly how I felt on the day, the idea itself was truly inspirational, it was a moment in time, a memory forever.

The Mount Sion Choir from Waterford, led eight other choirs in a performance ahead of World Cancer Day, in the University College Dublin science centre.  A unison of song and beautiful music, made us smile, carried us back in time and brought us all together, the mood was upbeat, people were uplifted, it was a joyous occasion.

Led by their inspirational Science teacher Colette Kearney, Mount Sion Choir launched their new Charity Single Your Love Carries Me  Link Here 

Listen to these young people, download their Single, the proceeds from their single will go to three Irish charities. 

I have carried their words around in my head since I heard them, 

“You are the voice on my horizon, you are the light so I can see and in the darkest hour when I have fallen, you’re still the love that carries me”. 


Music has the power to heal, to cleanse, and to uplift your entire being, it’s translated into thoughts and emotions. All around me that day in the O’Brien Science Building in UCD, music and song did exactly that, it was like a pure energy, it touched us all.  That energy soared way up the spiral staircase and out into the sky above. Tears of love and loss flowed, people hugged and laughed, they sang as loud and clear as they possibly could, for all the world to hear, for #WorldCancerDay2019 

There were stories told of loved ones who had passed away, I will particularly remember Scott, a very young man who played tribute to his Mum who died very recently, you spoke to us in such a way that your Mum must surely be beside you, you are amazing Scott.

Scott Troy, tells us why he is raising funds for his local Cancer Support Centre


#ChoirsForCancer2019 will live long in the memory of all who were there and all who were responsible for making it happen.  Prof Liam Gallagher Breast Predict UCD – no pressure but we are already looking forward to #ChoirsForCancer2020 

We raised the roof in University College Dublin, we raised awareness of Cancer for #WorldCancerDay2019. Take a little look back here thanks to Hi-Lite Television Productions




February continued to be a busy month for  You will have noticed our new  Logo and appearance, we’ve have had a great reaction to it.


Jack Cuzick’s visit was a tremendous success and a paticular highlight of our year so far.

It merits way more attention, so I will save that for another day, meanwhile I would just like to say well done and thank you to Prof Liam Gallagher for inviting Prof  Jack Cuzick to give the Key Note Speech.  It’s just under a year since we floated the idea, I have no doubt that Jack Cuzick’s advice will have a positive influence on Irish Breast Screening and Risk Assessment protocols.

Eventbrite Risk Assessment in Breast Cancer(1)

#TellWomen is our most recent effort to increase awareness on Breast Density in Breast Cancer risk assessment and screening.  I will have lots more on that to come.  Keep an eye on twitter @BreastDense

We’re on Face Book too by the way.

Lastly for now, I have to say thank you to Marie Ennis O’Connor/Patient Empowerment

Love the graphic, thank you Marie. #IAmAndIWill

poster (11)

Have a good week ahead, play lots of beautiful Music.



You’re not Dense but are your Breasts?

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