Watch “Dense Breast Awareness- Stay Informed” on YouTube

PLEASE SHARE THIS with at least two women you know 👭 So many women in Ireland know little about the risk that mammogram alone cannot see through #breastdensity to detect cancer. Watch the link below 👭 ASK ABOUT YOUR BREAST DENSITY #informwomen Smart women know about Beingdense Knowing your #breastdensity could save your life 👭 … More Watch “Dense Breast Awareness- Stay Informed” on YouTube

Dear Minister for Health-reply on #breastdensity

This is a recent response from the Office of the Minister for Health, Simon Harris. The Minister for Health, Simon Harris, T.D., has asked me to thank you for your recent letter concerning breast cancer, and specifically the issue of breast density. BreastCheck, the National Breast Screening Programme, operates in line with screening protocols which … More Dear Minister for Health-reply on #breastdensity

Sloan Kettering cancer experts #breastdensity

The impact of a woman’s breast density may have an impact on her life and not just her mammogram. Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer centre  experts explain breast density Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center — the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center — has devoted more than 130 years to exceptional patient care, innovative research, … More Sloan Kettering cancer experts #breastdensity

BBC Radio4 tackles Breast Density issue

Dr Mark Porter BBC Radio 4, asks pertinent questions in relation to breast density and the devastating associated breast cancer risks. Hit link below to hear in full. Dr Mark Porter discusses Breast Density with Prof Jack Cuzick Head of Cancer Prevention Queen Mary University London Excerpts from the programme below – Karla Kerlikowske is … More BBC Radio4 tackles Breast Density issue

Let’s have the information 👭👭👭

Minister for Health cancerstrategy17 Dear Minister Simon Harris, Please give Irish women access to their breast density levels. This information can be included in our BreastCheck mammogram result notification letters. It is a simple request, just tell us what our mammogram sees. Written answer from Minister for Health, Simon Harris Awareness is key and Irish women … More Let’s have the information 👭👭👭

Why are we waiting?

For decades, almost 40 years, Breast Density has been widely recognised as a clinical indicator and independent risk factor for breast cancer. For years, reputable medical journals, eminent radiologists, Breast Cancer Research Scientists, Patient Advocates, have all given us indisputable evidence of the associated risk factors between Breast density and Breast cancer, including late stage … More Why are we waiting?