Lobular Breast Cancer in Europe

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Lobular Ireland

ILC is a luminal breast cancer that mostly expresses oestrogen receptor (ER) and responds well to treatments targeting ER function. However, if these endocrine interventions cease to be successful, it is notoriously difficult to treat disseminated ILC.

In contrast to most breast cancers, it is clear that ILC development, progression and phenotypical presentation is a direct consequence of functional cell-cell adhesion loss though E-cadherin inactivation. It is this event that enables ILC cells to survive hostile environments and infiltrate foreign tissues as single cells that have a tendency to remain dormant for extensive time periods.
The diffuse ILC growth patterns hinder early detection, especially in women with dense breasts.

Lobular Ireland are proud to be an active participant of the ELBCC patient advocacy group

The Elbcc – The European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium was host to the https://ilcsymposium2022.com/ in Utrecht this Summer, you can now subscribe to the main Talks…

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