One Woman not Just One Story

For 6 years we’ve been sharing the Story of A Woman whose Breast Cancer was missed on her Mammograms over multiple years and on several consecutive Screening Mammograms

We know of course that it’s not just the story of
ONE WOMAN but it is in fact the story of HUNDREDS of Women

We’re asking you AGAIN to SHARE this Story with every Woman you know –
Get behind us, we need your help
Please don’t wait for MY STORY to become THEIR STORY

We now have European Recommendations

We know now that Women should be told their #BreastDensity AND that IF a Woman has #Densebreasts she needs MORE THAN A MAMMOGRAM

My name is Siobhán Freeney  – I am that Woman and I had Dense Breasts 

Unfortunately #BreastCheck don’t have to tell Women about their Breast Density and they didn’t tell me – not until they had to, but that’s an altogether different Story

The fact is that my #Breastcancer was completely missed on Screening Mammograms, Radiologists say they couldn’t see it on my Mammograms because I had very Dense Breast Tissue

Had I been told about my Breast Density OR offered Ultrasounds or MRI when my Breast Density was seen on my #Mammograms my Story would have had an entirely Different Ending

Here’s how to find out if you have Dense Breasts


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