Working Together to bring Change on Breast Screening Risk Information

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See under Cancer Information > Breast Cancer > Risk Factors > Having Dense Breasts Link

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There’s no Standardised Reporting of Breast Density Information for Women as part of Mammogram Breast Cancer Screening, even though Breast Density is recognised by the HSE as a Risk Factor for developing Breast Cancer. The HSE also recognise that Breast Density reduces the reliability and sensitivity of a Mammogram.

HSE Breast Cancer Screening- Risk Factors Website updated May 2022

Mammograms miss 50% of Cancers i Dense Breasts. Women with Dense Breasts are generally un-informed. A Mammogram will indicate the level of Dense Breast Tissue. If your Mammogram indicates that you have Dense Breasts – Level C, Heterogeneously Dense or Level D, Extremely Dense – you should be Notified that the Sensitivity of your Mammogram to detect Cancer Early is significantly lowered and you should be Advised about Additional Screening by Ultrasound or MRI

European Recommendations from EUSOBI The European Society of Breast Imaging

‘All women should be appropriately notified about their individual level of Breast Density – Because there is now a valid option to improve breast cancer screening, the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) recommends that women should be informed about their breast density. EUSOBI thus calls on all providers of mammography screening to share density information with the women being screened’

Working together we can create positive impact and change, inform women and reduce Interval Cancers, this was the key message from Dr Ritse Mann, Co Author of The EUSOBI Recommendations for ScreeningWomenwithDenseBreasts. He was speaking at The Cancer Care Day during The European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

Ritse Mann EUSOBI and Siobhán Freeney at EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF RADIOLOGY – Vienna Feb 2023 Bayer and Siemens Healthineers Cancer Care Day
Isabel Nieto Alvarez – Siemens Healthineers, Emanuele Pastore – Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Siobhán Freeney – Patient Educator and Advocate at The European Congress of Radiology Cancer Care Day in Vienna 2023

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