HSE Publication Acknowledges Breast Density as a Risk Factor in Breast Cancer Screening

I’m currently away on a Family Holiday and much needed recuperation after my Prophylactic Mastectomy and other health complications. Yesterday The Health Service Executive issued a Publication in relation to Breast Cancer Risk Factors. I’ve been asked to comment, but this week is not the time for me to do major work on this. I … More HSE Publication Acknowledges Breast Density as a Risk Factor in Breast Cancer Screening

Update to European Guidelines for Breast Screening

This is moving in the right direction and it’s great to share with you all – although it’s not enough – it’s a start and recognition of the fact that Breast Density affects the reliability of Screening Mammograms Important to know that there’s NEW EUROPEAN GUIDELINES on Breast Cancer Screening UPDATE from The ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ European … More Update to European Guidelines for Breast Screening

More than a Mammogram

Beingdense.com was established in 2016. It’s an Educational and Awareness Site designed to let women know about Breast Density. Most of you reading this will know Beingdense.com from the Blog posts and Social Media up dates I frequently post on Twitter and Facebook. Why is it important? Recently we designed a Request Form to assist … More More than a Mammogram

Mid Summer Up Date #LivingWithLobular

I just want to highlight some of the ILC Advocacy work that I’ve been involved closely with this year so far as Patient Advocate with http://www.Lobularireland.com andย http://www.elbcc.org A real highlight has been our association with the recently published paper How Researchers, Clinicians and Patient Advocates Can Accelerate Lobular Breast Cancer As founder member of Lobular Ireland … More Mid Summer Up Date #LivingWithLobular

Lobular Breast Cancer International Symposium

#Lobular2021 24th – 25th June Specific Patient and Advocate Sessions on 23rd and 30th June designed to help navigate and explain some of the more scientific information. Here’s the Registration Link for this year’s International Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium https://www.accelevents.com/e/ILC2021 Link to #Lobular2021 Scientific Sessions 24th and 25th June http://ilcsymposium.com/ Please share on your … More Lobular Breast Cancer International Symposium

Your Density Matters

When you’ve asked about your Breast Density, what answer have you been given? This morning I was in conversation with a woman who had just been for her Mammogram. She had asked if she could have her Breast Density information and she was asked “why” followed by “we don’t do that here” Why do we … More Your Density Matters