Ask about your Density have been Advocating for Appropriate Screening for Women with Dense Breasts and a Nationwide Standardised Notification Policy to Inform Women of their Personal Category of Breast Density. We have developed a Breast Density Request Form so that Women can more easily ask for this information. Currently our Breast Density Information is not routinely shared with us, it has not been written into the Standard Operating Procedure for BreastCheck.

Download and Print

Until European Recommendations are adopted by our Breast Cancer Screening Program, women should Advocate for themselves and ASK about Breast Density.


➡️We know Breast Density is an Independent Risk Factor for developing Breast Cancer
➡️We know a Screening Mammogram is Inadequate Screening for women with Dense Breasts
➡️European Recommendations say all women should be appropriately informed of their individual Category of Breast Density
➡️European Recommendations say a Mammogram is not enough for women with Dense Breasts
➡️European Recommendations say women with Extremely Dense Breasts should have Breast MRI

March 2022

Women are not just passive recipients of our medical care, we are partners in our own health care and we want all available information given to us.

For further information you can email or contact us on Face Book @beingdense and Twitter @breastdense

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