Being Dense calls for Collaboration and Action

In view of New European Recommendations for Screening Women with Mammographically Dense Breasts Being Dense would like to connect with those who are willing to collaborate to influence an adoption of EUSOBI call for ALL Women to be ‘appropriately’ notified of their individual Breast Density

EUSOBI calls on all providers of mammography screening to share density information with the women being screened. In light of the available evidence, in women aged 50 to 70 years with extremely dense breasts, the EUSOBI now recommends offering screening breast MRI every 2 to 4 years. The EUSOBI acknowledges that it may currently not be possible to offer breast MRI immediately and everywhere and underscores that quality assurance procedures need to be established, but urges radiological societies and policymakers to act on this now. Since the wishes and values of individual women differ, in screening the principles of shared decision-making should be embraced. In particular, women should be counselled on the benefits and risks of mammography and MRI-based screening, so that they are capable of making an informed choice about their preferred screening method. European EUSOBI

We therefore consider advice from our HSE, NSAC snd BreastCheck to be incomplete and inadequate ⬇️
“Dense breast tissue can make a mammogram difficult to read Lumps or areas of abnormal tissue are harder to spot and women with dense breasts have a higher risk of getting breastcancer” Ireland HSE

The National Screening Service must take responsibility for Notifying Women about their Personal Level of Breast Density AND advise supplemental additional Breast Cancer Screening with Mammogram where appropriate.

European Recommendations EUSOBI European Society of Breast Imaging
March 2022

➡️We know that Breast Density is an Independent Risk Factor for developing Breast Cancer. We know having Dense Breasts is a stronger risk than having a ‘Family History of Breast Cancer’
➡️We know that a Screening Mammogram is Inadequate Breast Cancer Screening for women with Dense Breasts
➡️European Recommendations say all women should be appropriately informed of their individual Category of Breast Density
➡️European Recommendations say a Mammogram is not enough for women with Dense Breasts
➡️European Recommendations say women with Extremely Dense Breasts should have Breast MRI

I would like to arrange a meeting with those of you in Ireland who would like to seriously tackle this issue.  Too many women continue to be impacted by Inadequate information. We need appropriate Notification Protocols in our Irish Breast Cancer Screening Program.

Women should be appropriately informed by our Breast Cancer Screening Community and our HSE practitioners and Radiologists.

I believe that together we can influence real change on this, so that our story does not have to be perpetuated over and over.

A Mammogram is Inadequate Screening for women with Dense Breasts

If you’re interested please comment below and or email


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