I Am Dense but not Naive

I would love you all to share this post with as many women as you can – please. 70% of women have never heard of Breast Density. 40% of women have Dense Breasts. Breast Density is an independent risk factor for developing Breast Cancer. Breast Density lowers the reliability of a woman’s Mammogram, a white … More I Am Dense but not Naive

I Am Dense

I use Social Media a lot. I have found it a wonderful way to share information about Patient Advocacy. I try to ensure that I share evidence based information at all times. Today during a short exchange on a FB chat, it was suggested that Breast Density Advocacy might be scaremongering. I can assure you … More I Am Dense


Beingdense.com invite you to support our October 2020 Breast Density Awareness and Education Campaign. If you’ve never heard of Breast Density, our previous Blog Posts will give you a general overview of why it’s an important feature of women’s health and connect you with some of the risk factors associated with it, particularly those relating … More BREAST DENSITY – LET’S FACE IT – October 2020