I Am Dense but not Naive

I would love you all to share this post with as many women as you can – please.

70% of women have never heard of Breast Density.
40% of women have Dense Breasts.
Breast Density is an independent risk factor for developing Breast Cancer.
Breast Density lowers the reliability of a woman’s Mammogram, a white on white masking effect.

I am not a medical practitioner, I am not a Radiologist. I am not paid to interpret women’s Mammograms.

I am a woman who did all of the things her Radiologists and Doctors told her to do. I am a woman who never missed a Screening Mammogram. I am a woman who continues to maintain a strong sense of personal responsibility, to attend her Cancer Screening appointments.

I’m a woman who always trusted in my Mammograms and in the professionals reading them, they reported them clear, time after time.

I am a woman who was Diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Breast Cancer and I am a different woman to the woman I was before my Diagnosis.

This woman can say with certainty that she feels let down by the Radiologists who read her Mammograms. This woman now knows that they could clearly see, for years, (before, during and after menopause) that my Breasts were Extremely Dense according to all of my Mammograms, but I was never told.

Even NOW in 2020 women are not routinely told, WHY?

WHY, would any Profession knowingly withhold information from a population of women who are at a greater risk of developing Breast Cancer and for whom Mammograms are not on their own, a reliable Breast Screening tool.

I am a woman who believes this is totally unacceptable and falls short of the acceptable Professionalism and duty of care that ALL women are entitled to, from their Breast Screening Service.

I am a woman who bears the scars of non disclosure. Had I been told about my Breast Density, I would have had Supplemental Breast screening Ultrasound. My Breast Cancer would have been diagnosed earlier at a more treatable stage.

I believe that ALL women should be routinely told about their Breast Density and advised about Supplemental Breast Ultrasound or MRI if they have #Densebreasts

When you go for your Mammogram ASK your Radiographer. Ask the Radiologist. Ask your GP. Find out about your Breast Density. Do not accept anything less than full disclosure. Request a written report. It’s in YOUR Breast Interests.

What does your Screening Mammogram say about your Breast Tissue.

Do you have Dense Breasts?


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