Alberta Alarm

Excellent news if you are a woman from Alberta. This is what women in Ireland should have access to. Canadian Cancer Society states that the cancer risk for women with dense breast tissue in 75 percent or more of their breasts increases by four to six times, compared to women with little or no dense … More Alberta Alarm

Researcher honoured for work on breast density

  Research continues into Breast Density. Women must educate themselves about this ‘secret’ link to Breast Cancer. Click here America, Australia, Canada, France, England and several other countries advocate for more transparency regarding breast density disclosure. State law has been changed in the U.S. and it is now mandatory for women to be told if … More Researcher honoured for work on breast density

Indisputable evidence says Huffington Post

Two decades of research on the masking risk of dense breast tissue by mammography screening is indisputable. Click here masking risk also linked to contralateral breast cancer (spreading to the other breast) and interval breast cancers. I have just read this article published in the Huffington post. It is Sunday evening, the advert for Daffodil day has just … More Indisputable evidence says Huffington Post

Be breast density aware in 2017

October has become the month that people in general associate with Breast Cancer awareness. For every woman, every month should be about Breast Cancer awareness. Make 2017 the year of Breast Density awareness. Watch the following footage and learn more about the widely recognised link between breast density and breast cancer. Awareness awakens change…..change that … More Be breast density aware in 2017