The Patient Effect

I was asked by Priscilla Lynch Journalist with The Medical Independent to write an article on European Recommendations and a look back to a recent Cancer Conference with The International Cancer Prevention Institute in Italy.

Just published by Medical Independent “The Patient Effect, Changing the narrative around Breast Cancer Screening and Imaging”

An evidence based critical look into reasons why Breast Density Notification is crucial and can no longer be ignored by our Breast Cancer Screening Program

There can be no more delay tactics or excuses. There is enough evidence for Breast Density Notification as standard. We depend on our Breast Cancer Screening Professionals to share our Mammographic findings with us. We need to know there’s a willingness to share all the information including our Breast Density.

Women should be told.

Withholding information, visual findings known to be Independent Risk Factors for developing Breast Cancer, is not in a woman’s best interest.

40% of women have Dense Breasts

Radiology Experts around Europe have recommended that ALL WOMEN should be appropriately notified about their individual Category of Breast Density

Please take a copy of this Article with you the next time you go for your Mammogram and don’t accept anything but the information you request.

What is your Category of Breast Density? Do you need additional Supplemental Screening?

Awarded by the International Cancer Prevention Institute

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