Australian update on Breast Density

Daffodil day in Ireland this week will keep the subject of cancer screening uppermost in our minds, along with the importance of early detection and treatment options.

In Ireland women over 50 are encouraged to avail of a mammogram every two years and to self check examine, in the interim.   It is vital and so important to follow this advice. We must not lose sight of the importance of mammography in screening for breast cancer.

For a lot of us women however, this advice unfortunately is just not enough. Women absolutely must educate and be educated about their breast density.

Why must we continually look to other countries to keep up to date on the significance of breast density in breast cancer diagnosis and prevention. The following extract is from an Australian media publication.

Women with dense breasts are at a greater risk of unknowingly growing undetected cancers, a prominent group of researchers warn. 

‘Women with dense breasts have a four-to-six fold increased risk of breast cancer,’ researcher Dr Wendy Ingram told Daily Mail Australia.

‘It is a bit of a double whammy. Cancer is harder to find and more likely to develop in that tissue.’

Read more Click here advocating for mandatory reporting of breast density in Ireland.

Please share this post. Support breast density awareness in Ireland.

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