Be Smart about Being Dense

Breast Density is a recognised major breast cancer risk factor. Several countries have established advocacies to inform women of their risk of having Dense Breasts. There are also a number of Radiology Experts and Research Scientists who have endorsed the need for Breast Density education, additional breast screening and notification protocols. advocates for Density … More Be Smart about Being Dense

Call for Irish breast screening to include breast density levels

Breast Density is a globally recognised breast cancer risk factor. Why are Irish women not told this at mammography screening? Why is this information withheld? Breast density notification should be mandatory at mammography screening – this utube clip explains why. Irish breast screening protocols must be re-examined.  What are we waiting for ?  

Physician and Breast Cancer researcher- Deborah Rhodes on breast density risk

  There are two groups of women when it comes to screening mammography — women in whom mammography works very well and has saved thousands of lives and women in whom it doesn’t work well at all. Do you know which group you’re in? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Because the breast has become … More Physician and Breast Cancer researcher- Deborah Rhodes on breast density risk

Breast Density Reporting Law in Nebraska

  Widower completes wife’s dying wish with new mammogram law Like 40 percent of women,  Cheri Rauth had dense breast tissue. Yearly mammograms could not spot the cancer that was forming inside her body; it was not detected until she had an ultrasound and biopsy. Bill Rauth, Cheri’s husband explains IRISH radiologists and cancer screening specialists … More Breast Density Reporting Law in Nebraska