Physician and Breast Cancer researcher- Deborah Rhodes on breast density risk


There are two groups of women when it comes to screening mammography — women in whom mammography works very well and has saved thousands of lives and women in whom it doesn’t work well at all. Do you know which group you’re in? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Because the breast has become a very political organ. The truth has become lost in all the rhetoric coming from the press, politicians, radiologists and medical imaging companies.

Physician and Cancer researcher Deborah Rhodes, Director of the Mayo Clinic’s executive health program explains why a mammogram alone, may not work for you Clear, informative Ted talk for every woman

So how do you know if your breasts are dense?Well, you need to read the details of your mammography report.

In Ireland your mammogram report is not routinely shared with you. So you must ask the radiologist for the mammogram report or request a copy of it from your GP.

Remember, not just the result of your mammogram but REQUEST the FULL MAMMOGRAPHY REPORT.

Now it’s bad enough that breast density makes it hard to find a cancer, but it turns out that it’s also a powerful predictor of your risk for breast cancer.It’s a stronger risk factor than having a mother or a sister with breast cancer.



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