BREAST DENSITY – LET’S FACE IT – October 2020 invite you to support our October 2020 Breast Density Awareness and Education Campaign.

If you’ve never heard of Breast Density, our previous Blog Posts will give you a general overview of why it’s an important feature of women’s health and connect you with some of the risk factors associated with it, particularly those relating to Breast Screening and Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis.

My own Breast Cancer Diagnosis was delayed. A predominant feature of this delay was the fact that I had very Dense Breasts. I wasn’t told about this, therefore I had no idea, although I had been having Screening Mammograms for years. Because I wasn’t having Ultrasound along with my Screening Mammogram my Lobular Breast Cancer was not picked up until I was Stage 3c. As my Oncologist said to me, you’re lucky it’s not Stage 4.

I was lucky to have found it myself. If I had known about Breast Density though, I would have known that Mammogram alone is often not enough for women with Very Dense Breast Tissue. I would have known to ask gor an Ultrasound too. My Mammograms showed the extent of my Breast Density but there is NO protocol or mandate in place within BreastCheck the National Screening Programme to tell a woman when her Mammogram determines that she has Dense Breasts. A woman with very Dense Breasts (as I had been) is not routinely notified or recalled for further assessment. have approached political representatives and our Minister for Health to highlight this disingenuous ‘flaw’ in women’s Breast Cancer Screening and we need your help to move forward with it.

This October, we are raising Awareness about Breast Density. It’s a feature of women’s health care that is largely unknown and sometimes misconstrued. Your Breast Density A personal Biomarker of Cancer.

Watch “Breast Density: A Personal Biomarker Of Cancer | Dr. Monica Saini | TEDxWellington” on YouTube

Monica Saini is an internationally recognized breast imaging expert and lecturer. Her focus is breast density and its global impact on breast cancer. Monica’s education includes nursing and medical degrees, and she is a fellowship trained breast radiologist.

Monica now evaluates patients in Wellington and empowers Volpara as their Chief Medical Officer and Board Director. Monica’s passion is using medical transparency to educate women on their breast health so we might diminish their fear and inspire their curiosity.

‘Breast Density – Let’s Face It’ Oct 2020 Invite you to send us your Photograph (Faces) before 25th September Email #IAmDense

We will feature them as part of our Awareness Campaign on Twitter and Facebook throughout October. #BreastCancer Breast Density – Let’s Face It

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