Is that Clear?

There has been a long running debate about Breast Density and the associated risks in terms of Breast Cancer. have written about it often. We had the great privilege to co-host the first ever Irish Seminar on Mammographic Breast Density with in June 2019.  I want to share a bit of the more … More Is that Clear?

Serendipity Day

It’s been a week of ups, no downs, there have been lots of lovely mindful moments sprinkled everywhere, mainly reminders of my past. The week seems to have been full of good karma. On Monday, I set out to visit all the major Hospital Breast Cancer screening and diagnostic centres and Breast Clinics in Dublin.The … More Serendipity Day

Un-masking the hidden effects Breast density as a risk factor Over 700,000 women in the UK of breast screening age are estimated to be at higher than average risk of developing breast cancer due to having a high breast density, which can als mask the signs of a tumour on a mammogram. Other countries – the United States … More Un-masking the hidden effects