Being dense is not ok – smart women know


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Smart women know about Being Dense spread the word #breastdensity (.) (.)

Breast Density does not discriminate 👭

40% of women have dense breast tissue, many do not know and are not told.

Small, medium or large breasts can be predominantly dense

You cannot feel density, it is quantifiable by mammogram

Breastcheck do not currently measure Breast Density levels in Irish women. Why not? The purpose of breast screening is early detection.

Irish women want change in their breast screening protocols and are asking for breast density to be acknowledged as an independent risk factor for breast cancer.

Because Irish women are NOT routinely told about their breast density levels, many go on to develop interval cancers, contralateral and metastatic tumours because of delayed diagnoses.


Please share this with other women. Collectively we can affect change in current breast cancer screening protocols.

Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of Mammography to detect cancer.

Two decades of global research says so.


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