Japanese women now in the know about being dense

American and Japanese breast radiologists are on record to say they cannot see clearly through mammographic Breast Density. Women with dense breasts, in these countries, are informed accordingly and are advised to avail of supplementary breast screening like Ultrasound or MRI.

How do American and Japanese women differ from Irish women?

Irish women are NOT routinely told about their breast density levels and associated breast cancer risk and are NOT routinely advised to have supplementary screening if they have dense breast tissue.

Breast density risk factor and link to Breast Cancer will be told to Japanese women read more

Can Irish breast radiologists see clearly through mammographic Breast density? No, they can’t – so isn’t it time for them to say so?

40% of women have dense breast tissue and may require additional breast screening but are not told.

Irish women continue to be at risk of delayed diagnoses and advanced late stage breast cancer, because of the failure of mammography to see through dense breast tissue.

Interval breast cancers are cancers that develop between mammogram screenings. They tend to be bigger, late stage tumours requiring the most invasive treatment options. Often these tumours have metastatic features before they are found.

Will Irish breast radiologists and our National breast screening service tell Irishwomen that “looking for breast cancer through mammographic breast density is like looking for a snow ball in a snow storm”?

Huffington Post on Being Dense read here


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