Smart women know about being dense

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Cheri Rauth was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2014. Cheri had clear mammograms for 15 years before and she was never told she had dense breast tissue.

Only 8 months prior to her diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, Cheri had a clear mammogram.

Thank you to Bill Rauth and Nancy Capello for sharing Cheri’s story read more here

Cheri Rauth sadly passed away in 2016.

Irish women want access to all their mammography information including their breast density levels. Cheri Rauth and too many other women have been denied information about their breast density and have died as a result of late stage breast cancer.

Irish women should be told if we have dense breast tissue, the information could save our lives. If you have dense breast tissue you should avail of supplementary breast screening, ultrasound and or MRI.

Post Script: “Cheri’s Law Introduced by Senator Craighead of Nebraska One Year after Cheri’s passing on January 10, 2017 to protect women of Nebraska from missed, delayed and advanced cancer and unnecessary death from breast cancer” Press Release Here.

Tragically, Cheri passed on January 10, 2016. Our hearts are broken for Cheri’s husband, Bill and her family and loved ones. We are saddened that Cheri, like 40-50% of women across the globe NEVER had equal access to an Early Diagnosis because of the masking of dense breast tissue by mammography. If breast cancer screening reduces death from the disease, we must change this fatal flaw in breast cancer screening and give ALL women an opportunity to find cancer at its earliest stage.


smart women know about being dense #earlydetection


please support the initiative to change current breast screening protocols #informwomen #TellWomen

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