Spread the word #breastdensity

It’s a read one share one Friday

We want to increase awareness in Ireland and establish a platform to have Breast Density information disclosed with Mammogram screening results.

Please share this with at least one other woman you know

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, so share this information with women of all shape and size #informwomen


Breast Density is not something you can feel, you may have a moderate to high level and not know.  Breast Density is however, something that could obscure or mask a cancer tumour on your mammogram image.

Irish women want Breast Density level information disclosed to them with their mammogram results letter. We are simply asking our breast screening provider to “tell us what you see”

If you have moderate to high Breast Density,  having a mammogram may just not be enough and supplementary screening is available on request.

Awareness is key so please get involved

#informwomen give us our Breast Density information

When you have read this, please ask at least one other woman to do the same and help spread the word #breastdensity http://www.beingdense.com


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