Breast Density cannot be felt by touch or self exam.

Breast Density can only be assessed and measured by Mammogram.

Your radiologist should inform your Dr if you have Dense Breasts, this however is not always passed  on to patients.

If you have Dense Breasts you need to know. If you have high Breast Density you should supplement your Mammogram with ultrasound and MRI

Having dense breast tissue has nothing to do with the size of your breasts. Big or small breasts can be Dense so you need to ASK and know your Breast Density.


Dense tissue can mask tumors on a mammogram.

Visit for medically resourced imformation on the BreastDensity risk factor.



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  1. I went for a check up and my doctor found a breast lump, my routine mammogram for the same day was changed to a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. They were both reported as normal, even with markers by the lump and showing the techs and them feeling it. A month later my doctor suggested I go to a surgeon to have a biopsy. He removed it and was very surprised it was breast cancer. My mammogram says I have extremely dense breast tissue. Yearly mammograms and ultrasounds are the only tests I get, I have asked and every doctors says I don’t need to have a MRI. I now wish I had a double mastectomy so I don’t have to worry about it returning and not showing up on mammogram or ultrasound.

    I do self breast exams regularly, how can I ever trust a mammogram or ultrasound again?


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