Dense Breasts: What You Are Not Being Told


Chances are if you are able to see this you will know about Being Dense. PLEASE share this with a few women who DO NOT KNOW. We all have sisters, mothers, cousins, aunties, good friends and work colleagues who need to know. 

UNTIL OUR BREAST SCREENING Protocols recognise BREAST DENSITY and inform women, we ask you all to keep sharing and PASS THIS ON 👭

Dense Breasts- what you are not being told   CLICK HERE

LINK ABOVE TO ABC News interview with Dr. Thomas Kolb, a radiologist specializing in breast cancer detection based in New York.

Also with Dr Kolb are Nancy Cappello and Jo Ann Pushkin Breast Cancer Survivors and founders of

“If you’re a woman with dense breast tissue you don’t have the same access to early detection and that outrages me,” Cappello says. “That’s a blatant injustice”

“Those who are fearful of consequences based on informing women about their breast density should realize that rather than avoiding the issue they need to further educate their patients,” Kolb says

“It’s crucial for any human being to know the accuracy of the test they’re having,” says Kolb. “It’s immoral not to have that information…”

JoAnn Pushkin simply wanted to know the truth. She says she would have been willing to bear the cost of an ultrasound if it had meant detecting her cancer earlier. “How do you not do this? How do you not tell women this?” she wonders. “If the medical community isn’t going to tell us, who is?” Nancy Cappello and Jo Ann Pushkin


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