Smart women know about Being Dense – Do You ?


  • Have you got Dense Breasts?
  • Has your GP told you about Breast Density?
  • Do you know how Breast Density impacts your Mammogram?
  • Do you know Dense Breast tissue can mask a tumour on your Mammogram?
  • Do you know that having Dense Breasts increases your risk for Breast Cancer?






7 thoughts on “Smart women know about Being Dense – Do You ?

  1. Have any studies been done to see if dense breasts result in specific cancer? I.e. HR+, DCIS, is it prominent in certain age groups? just wondering if there are any other common factors between dense breasts and type of cancer? also recurrance?


    1. Hi Debbie. The problem with Dense breast tissue is that it appears white on your Mammogram and a Cancer tumour also appears white so there is a possibility of a ‘masking’ effect. In that case the tumour can be missed and not seen until it is larger, possibly invasive, requiring more agressive treatment options. Certain cancers are more difficult to see so having dense breast tissue elevates the chance of those being missed on mammography. 40% of women have densebreasts. Irish women are not told about their Breast Density. There is no protocol in place to


    2. Hi Debbie The difficulty with dense breast tissue is that it appears white on your Mammogram and a cancer tumour also appears white so there is a risk of a ‘masking’ effect. There are several posts on and our facebook page
      Breast Density is an Independent riskfactor only measurable by mammography. 40% of women have densebreasts. It increases interval cancer rates and is an indicator for contralateral breast cancer.


      1. Thank you for your response, I am aware of all of that, I have had a mastectomy and have dense breasts, my questions were specific to the type of breast cancer that presents in dense breasts and if there is a typical age it presents at? I am asking if there has been research specifically to see if there are correlations between Dense breastsType of cancerAge it presentsHow soon it recurs Or do dense breasts get any cancer? The reason for the question is if women with dense breasts get HR+ DCIS just before menopause as I did, then perhaps women with dense breasts should be placed on tamoxifen prophylactically when their periods get heavy and erratic.  Another thing I noticed was that my hair fell out heavily for at least a year before my tumour was spotted by ultrasound. I am posing an hypothesis and wondered if there was research on these lines. Has anyone done research specifically on normal weight women, who exercise and have dense breasts? Kind regards          082 822 0232


      2. Hi Debbie There are a number of medically resourced contacts ask. is excellent. Are you on Twitter if so Tweet us at @breastdense and we will put you in touch with several who may be able to answer specific questions like yours. Best regds


  2. Hi Debbie for medically resourced info. And take a look at most recent post on also on FB @breastdensityreporting and Twitter @breastdense


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