Light it up, let’s talk!

Two years ago began an awareness initiative for Irish women on the subject of Breast Density.

We began having read an article writren by Nancy Cappello a breast cancer survivor with dense breasts, who spearheaded the Breast Density Notification law in the State of Connecticut in 2009. To date, 30 other states have followed suit [12]. Dr Cappello continues her work through her website

Since February 2016 has shared many articles on Breast density.  We have highlighted numerous complexities relating to this issue and the many decades of research in relation to the associated risk factors.  We now collaberate with several well established, global awareness and medically informed Breast Density organisations.

Why is breast density important?

Breast cancer is more likely to develop in women with dense breast tissue, but not many women know if they have dense breast tissue. It’s important to start the conversation and help women get informed about breast density so they can make the right choices for their health. INFORMD was established by researchers who are investigating different aspects of breast density. All these researchers have published in leading national … is the established Irish advocacy on Breastdensity and as public interest continues to grow, we would like to encourage dialogue between patients, women, healthcare professionals, breast screening professionals and policy makers within Irish Government health departments.

Do you know if or have you been told you have Dense Breasts?

Are you a radiologist or researcher with particular interest in Breast Density?

Do you know your Breast Tissue type?

Many women in Ireland have told us that after their mammogram, they have requested but been refused information about their Breast Density.  Witholding breast density information like this is not helpful and may even place a woman at risk of a delayed cancer diagnosis.

Being Dense advocates that women should be given equal and informed access to earliest possible breast cancer screening. This involves notifying a woman if she has Dense Breast tissue. would like to hear from Irish women on this health matter.

Light it up ladies, let’s talk Breast density.

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