Global advocacy strives for Breast Density notification

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH WOMEN EVERYWHERE 👭 is part of a Global effort which is reaching out and communicating to women worldwide on the risks association between Breast Density and Breast Cancer.

Being Dense advocates for Irish Women and seeks endorsement for Breast Density inform policy

If you have Dense breasts you need to ask your GP or Radiologist to refer you for Supplemental screening.


The vast majority of women are unaware of the density of their breasts. Less than one in 10 women learn about their dense breast tissue from their doctor.

Breast cancer patient Gail Zeamer’s emotional, heartbreaking account on how Breast Density affected her Breast Cancer diagnosis


Screening mammography is the best method to reduce mortality from breast cancer, yet some breast cancers cannot be detected by mammography. Cancers diagnosed after a negative mammogram are known as interval cancers.

Mammographic breast density appears to be a major risk factor for interval cancers

Dr Paula Gordon

“Mammograms miss about 50% of breast cancers in the densest breasts”.

IMG_20180109_103229 America

Dr Nancy Cappello

“Talking Truth: Exposing A Hidden Harm of Mammography Screening”


The underdiagnosis of mammography because of dense breast tissue, culminating in a false negative, is barely mentioned by the medical community as a harm.

“Breast Density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography screening to detect cancer.”

Professor Wendy Ingham

Australian Prof talks Breast cancer and Density risk with Daily Mail Uk

Women with dense breasts have a four-to-six fold increased risk of breast cancer,’ researcher Dr Wendy Ingram told Daily Mail …


Breast Density Matters UK England

Cheryl @breastdensitymattersuk

UK Health Minister reply on Breast Density

Join with women from Ireland and around the world and with one voice we will achieve #Breastdensity notification for all women. 

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