Be Dense Aware

BREAST DENSITY cannot be felt by touch and has nothing to do with breast size or shape.


40% of women have DENSE BREASTS.


BREAST DENSITY can only be measured by Mammogram.


BREAST DENSITY reporting is not mandatory in Ireland.

IN IRELAND you will NOT routinely be told about your BREAST DENSITY WHY?


BEINGDENSE.COM propose that Irish Breast Screening centres provide women with #breastdensity notification as standard with their mammogram results report (example above)

A BREAST DENSITY inform protocol will allow women to make informed choices on their BREAST healthcare and screening options.


BREAST DENSITY is the single most important predictor of the failure of mammography to detect cancer, because of the white on white masking effect-Density may mask a breast cancer tumour.

Read The Huffington Post link BREAST DENSITY is like Mammogram’s dirty little secret


Mammogram alone misses up to 50% of small tumours. Women with DENSE BREASTS  can consider supplemental screening Ultrasound and Mri and should discuss this with their GP. and RADIOGRAPHER 


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