The ‘not-so-pink’ link to Breast cancer


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Jo Malone, Cath Kidston, Maggie Smith, Olivia Newton-John, Jenni Murray and Kylie Minogue

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After a breast cancer diagnosis, it is possible to move on, but is it possible to move past the fear that it may come back?

Around 30% of women go on to develop secondary breast cancer – these women are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and partners. It’s the not-so-pink lining which we women with primary breast cancer can hardly bear to face. But what happens when our friends are diagnosed with secondary breast cancer?Our best chance lies in the early detection of this cruel disease.  Together we must raise our voices and be heard.

A national breast screening service which refuses to recognise one of the strongest predictors of breast cancer is NOT acceptable.

As Irish women, the current national breast screening protocols put us at risk.

Current national screening protocol does not recognise breast density as a clinical indicator and therefore supplementary screening is not offered.

Women who have asked recently at various BreastCheck screening centres cannot even obtain information on their breast density.

Breast density is a risk factor for contralateral breast cancer.

Breast Density is also linked to developing Interval cancers, these are often very large, late stage 3 or 4 cancers. Stage 4 cancer is incurable.

Ask about your breast density.

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