Breast Density Destination Europe (DB-I), the most comprehensive, medically-sourced website on breast density, today announced plans for international expansion with specialized content for Europe and neighboring countries.

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among European women, and about 40% of both American and European women have dense breasts. Dense breast tissue can mask cancer detection on mammography and increases risk of developing breast cancer.

This news comes at a significant stage in the Irish Breast Density awareness campaign. #BeDenseAware

Collaberation with key partners in this new International and European coalition will allow for a greater understanding and education on Breast Density and associated Breast Screening risks.

Wendie Berg, MD, PhD, is (DB-I) organization’s chief scientific advisor

Coalition members, include Prof. László Tabár of Sweden, Prof. Alexander Mundinger and Prof. Christiane Kuhl of Germany, Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger of Austria, Prof. Enzo Durante and Dr. Adriana Bonifacino of Italy, Prof. Boris Brkljačić of Croatia, Prof. Dragana Djilas of Serbia, Dr. Chrysa Tziakouri-Shiakalli of Cyprus, Dr. Nick Perry of the UK and Prof. Isabelle Tomassin-Naggara of France. are optimistic about Irish Radiology and Cancer Research groups participating in this new initiative.

Currently Irish women are not routinely told about their breast density. advocates for Breast Density notification protocols to be introduced as standard mammography reporting criteria.


#BeDenseAware 🇮🇪


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