You are not Dense but are your Breasts?

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Six facts about dense breast tissue 👭

1. 40% of women have dense breast tissue and approx 95% of women do not know their breast density

2. Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of screening mammography to detect cancer

3. Screening mammography misses cancer in dense breasts

4. Breast density is a predominant breast cancer risk factor

5. High breast density is a greater risk factor than having a first degree relative with breast cancer

6. The vast majority of women are unaware of the density of their breasts. Less than one in 10 women learn about their dense breast tissue from their doctor


Women with dense breasts can go on to develop interval cancers (cancers discovered in between mammogram screenings), these tumours are often more advanced, invasive, late stage and will require more aggressive treatment. Breast density is also an indicator for contralateral breast cancer – developing cancer in both breasts.

Early detection

Adding Ultrasound to screening mammography in women with dense breasts will increase detection up to 80%

Detection of these invasive cancers, missed by mammography, is crucial – when they are small, node negative and at an EARLY stage.

Currently Irish women are NOT routinely informed of their breast density at their screening mammogram and consequently not routinely offered supplemental ultrasound screening.
Irishwomen would like breast screening providers to inform accordingly-

#Your recent mammogram shows you have dense breast tissue

#We advise you to request an ultrasound breast screening –

It is now Law in 32 American states to inform women of their breast density and there are advocacy groups in U.K. Canada, Australia, Europe, China and Scandinavia.

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