Daily Mail-Breast Density is Breast Cancer risk


Women are being kept in the dark over the most important clue as to whether they will get breast cancer, leading doctors warned last night.

Breast density is a much more important risk factor even than family history for most people, they say.

Among younger women, four in ten cases of breast cancer can be blamed on high breast density, according to a recent US study.

Leading expert Professor Jack Cuzick says women need supplemental breast screening  read more here

Dr Anne Mackie, Public Health England’s director of screening, said: ‘We recently commissioned a review of the evidence around breast density and breast cancer screening.

‘We look forward to the outcome and will consider whether any changes to the programme are required as a result.’

Irish women are not told about their Breast Density.  This is not good enough because it puts us at risk and may result in delayed diagnoses of large, advanced stage tumours.

#informwomen 👭👭👭

You are not Dense but are your Breasts?

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