How long will it take?

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Breast Density has been well documented in reputable medical journals for two decades or more.

It is a hot topic and widely discussed in the United States. Yet we hear virtually nothing about it in Ireland.

Since my own breast cancer diagnosis I have asked 60 women, all of whom have regular mammograms, not one of them have ever been told if they have breast density or not. Not one of them have ever been shown a radiology report following their mammogram. None of them have heard of breast density until now.

40% of women have breast density.

Some of these women will go on to develop breast cancers.

Why is this not a topic for discussion in Ireland?

How long will we have to wait to be given information that could potentially save our life?

Is it simply a cost saving exercise?

How many Irish women have undergone mastectomy/lumpectomy in recent years due to non disclosure of information about their breast density?

Please continue to share this information and help get the message out.

Breast density information is available, ask at your next mammogram.

Ask for your radiology report. This information should be routinely shared with the patient.

You are not dense but are your breasts?

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