Breast Density and Breast Cancer


When I decided to set up I felt that other women surely had experienced what I was going through. I believe that a lot of women simply don’t ask questions. When you are hit with a cancer diagnosis, there is so much to get your head around, so much to try to understand and we put our trust in the people best placed to help us through this devastating time in our lives.
I was fortunate to have stumbled on information last December which compelled me to ask questions.
How long is my breast cancer there?
How did my recent mammograms miss it?

What is breast density? What is the relationship to breast cancer? more info here

I have asked questions, lots of them, I would say to all women, ask questions, seek answers. As a patient you can only act upon the information that is disclosed to you. Be informed, make good choices. Share your experiences, they may help others. advocates that after their mammogram women with breast density are advised to go on to receive additional screening to help detect cancers at the earliest possible stage.

Breast density is a well-established predictor of breast cancer risk.

It is simply not good enough that this information is not routinely shared with women.

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