A Vested Interest

This week a good friend asked me why I continue to engage with and tell my story. “Is it not a constant reminder of what happened, does it not bring up bad memories and feelings?” We chatted away about it for some time.  I thought about it for quite some time after too.  It would be … More A Vested Interest

Women’s Health paternalistic attitudes persist.

Why wait – be proactive now. “Mammography should be individually adapted” Question your Radiologist, Breast Screening Practitioner at your next Mammogram, don’t even wait until then, ask your GP – Look them square in the eye and ask “If you saw your wife’s, sister’s daughter’s or Mother’s Mammogram showed she had Dense Breasts, would you … More Women’s Health paternalistic attitudes persist.

Be Smart about Being Dense

Breast Density is a recognised major breast cancer risk factor. Several countries have established advocacies to inform women of their risk of having Dense Breasts. There are also a number of Radiology Experts and Research Scientists who have endorsed the need for Breast Density education, additional breast screening and notification protocols. http://www.beingdense.com advocates for Density … More Be Smart about Being Dense

Yahoo – reporting on Breast Density

PLEASE read and share with ALL the significant women in your life. This YAHOO news feature (click below) explains WHY knowing your breast density is so significant and how it can impact on a woman’s life. https://www.yahoo.com/news/why-did-letter-breast-density-152608709.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw 20 years ago the women in the USA were where Irish Women are now, in relation to breast … More Yahoo – reporting on Breast Density