Your Density Matters

When you’ve asked about your Breast Density, what answer have you been given?

This morning I was in conversation with a woman who had just been for her Mammogram. She had asked if she could have her Breast Density information and she was asked “why” followed by “we don’t do that here”

Why do we not do that here? In Ireland – that is. Why are Women’s requests for personal information about their Breast Tissue Type waved away and mostly disregarded and even dismissed. The Radiologist who reads your Mammogram will know if you have Dense Breasts. Why is this information not related to women on request?

My late stage Breast Cancer Diagnosis was delayed because of my Breast Density, which was not revealed to me until recently (several years post diagnosis).

“Mrs Freeney was unfortunate to have Extremley Dense Breasts” I had no idea that I had Dense Breasts or that this would make my Mammograms so unreliable it could mask a large developing Breast Cancer Tumour.

Have you asked about your Personal Breast Density information. If so what response if any have you had?

Let us know.

#IAmDense BeingDense

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