Social Spotlight: Siobhán Freeney

Thanks so much to the inimitable Marie Ennis O’Connor for allowing me the opportunity to chat so openly about some of me Patient Advocacy activities. It’s been a real privilege.

Social Media has really changed how we communicate. As Patients we have open access to evidence based research on our diagnoses and treatments, as Patient Advocates it connects us to a Global Network.

Covid has increased our usage of Social Media
We have a responsibility to ensure that what we share can be supported by reiable, proven, research.

#NotJustPink #IamLobular #IAmDense

Health Care Social Media


This month’s social spotlight is shining on Siobhán Freeney – a tireless advocate for lobular breast cancer and the associated breast cancer risk with breast density. 

Hi Siobhán, I’d like to start off by asking you to share with us your path to patient advocacy. What set you on this path?

SF: I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer in December 2015. I really struggled with my diagnosis because I had no family history of breast cancer. I’m very Breast Cervical Screening aware – always attended for my mammograms and only had a clear mammogram 5 months earlier.  I noticed that my right nipple was inverting ever so slightly and requested an immediate referral from my GP. My diagnosis was immediate following a Triple assessment.  There was no ambiguity about a forthcoming mastectomy, which would follow after four months of dose-dense chemotherapy.

I have always had…

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