Seeing is believing – Say what you see and Tell Women. is part of a global advocacy effort to elevate awareness and education for women with Dense Breasts.

Breast Density is an independent risk factor for Breast Cancer

Women who participate in Breast Cancer Screening are not told when their Screening Mammogram determines that they have Dense Breasts

Breast Density can ‘obscure’ sizeable tumours resulting in delayed diagnosis and more agressive treatment for late stage and node positive Breast Cancer

A woman cannot know if she has Dense Breasts unless she is told

50% of women have Dense Breasts

With all of the focus on Women’s Health and advice about Early Detection of Breast Cancer isn’t it incredible that Women who avail of Breast Cancer Screening are given an ‘All Clear’ when their Very Dense Breast Tissue prevent that very result from being a reliable one.

A Radiologist can see Breast Density – it is Radiologically visible and determined on a Mammogram

Breast Density has nothing to do with Breast size or shape

Breast Density is not palpable, it is not the same as having Lumpy Breasts

A woman with Very Dense Breasts should NEVER be told her Screening Mammogram is CLEAR

She should be routinely advised that because of her Very Dense Breasts she should avail of Supplemental Screening

3 thoughts on “Seeing is believing – Say what you see and Tell Women.

  1. Dense breasts hid my stage 2a IDC for a very long time. It was not found with mammograms until It was 2.6cms!


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