You’re not Dense but are your breasts? began in my kitchen just after Christmas 2015.

A close friend and I had just finished reading an article written by the wonderful Dr Nancy Cappello who sadly passed away at the end of 2018, from complications relating to the radiotherapy she had had at her initial Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Until then I had never heard of Breast Density and I soon discovered most, if not all women in my work place and social circle hadn’t either.

We settled on the name – soon after I signed up to a wordpress account and began a patient advocacy about a little known Breast Cancer risk factor, in Ireland, at that time.

The global conversation around Breast Density has stepped up a lot in just over three years and longer. I have learned a great deal, I maintain an active SoMe presence with regular updates and links to research about Breast Density. I would always advise any woman to discuss any concerns with a medical expert.

Much has been talked about in terms of what to do about Breast Density, what to tell women, should women be offered additional screening if they have Dense Breasts?

Yes – women must be told about what their Mammogram determines about their breast tissue. If a woman has Dense Breasts she must be given this information and advised about Supplemental screening, Ultrasound and or MRI.

The FDA announcement in February this year, recommending standardisation in terms of Breast Density reporting in the United States came as a very welcome one, especially for the many women who have campaigned and lobbied their legislative processes for Breast Density reporting.

Changes like this very often come as a result of concerted efforts by patients who advocate with dedication, resilience and tenacity.

We have been lucky enough to engage with many other breast density advocacies and organisations around the world.

The conversation about Breast Density in Ireland, has – I believe only just begun in earnest.

A public Seminar on Breast Density takes place, Monday June 10th @ 5.00 pm in the Royal College of Surgeons.

It would be great to see you there.

Eventbrite | Breast Density Seminar

2 thoughts on “You’re not Dense but are your breasts?

    1. Thanks so much Marie.
      Will be back from holiday on Monday and will get to work on sharing the poster for our Breast Density Seminar in Dublin. Can’t thank you enough for your support.


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