Be Smart About Being Dense is delighted to share news on a Breast Density Seminar to be held in Dublin on Monday June 10th @ 5.00pm.

Breast Density has been a frequent discussion point in news and social media and has been written about extensively in Breast Cancer Medical Journals and Publications.

Recently UCD Dublin hosted Prof Jack Cuzick from Queen Mary University London.

Dr. Cuzick’s work has had significant influence in personalising breast care for women with dense breast tissue,
Prof Cuzick gave an outstanding Key Note speech in UCD Conway which was very well received by a large audience of Breast Cancer specialist Consultants, surgeons, researchers, patients, patient advocates and medical students.

“Breast density is a significant factor for breast cancer risk,” said Dr. Cuzick. “It increases the risk of developing cancer and it can also obscure an existing cancer in a mammogram making it more difficult to detect it.”

The Breast Density Seminar in the Royal College of Surgeons on June 10th is open to all. It will be an opportunity to hear from a panel of International and Irish experts who have extensive experience in relation to Mammographic Breast Density, Breast Screening and what women really need to know about the associated risks and the relevance of supplemental breast Ultrasound and MRI alongside their Mammogram.

It is an open access event, there is no admission fee but it is advisable to pre book your seat on is an Irish patient advocacy established in Feb 2016. We have maintained a strong presence on social media throughout the last 3 years and we provide frequent updates about Breast Density on our website

We are delighted to collaborate with BREAST-PREDICT for this event and we are particularly pleased to welcome Dr Paula Gordon from the University of British Columbia.
Dr. Paula Gordon has been a breast radiologist for 35 years and is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of B.C. in Canada.
Having dense breasts is a higher risk than having a mother or sister with breast cancer. Mammography is 96 per cent sensitive in fatty breasts, but only about 50 per cent sensitive in the densest breasts. And when cancers go undetected by mammography, they grow larger and can spread by the time they are found.

40% of women have Dense Breasts

FDA wants women to get breast-density information along with their mammograms

Currently women in Ireland who participate in our national Breast screening program are not informed about their Breastdensity.

On Monday 10th June, you will have an opportunity to find out what Being Dense really means and why we should #TellWomen.

2 thoughts on “Be Smart About Being Dense

    1. Thanks for your support on this Marie.
      Apology for late reaction and response – away for last few days.
      Really looking forward to this Breast Density Seminar in RCSI Dublin in assoc with and a fantastic panel of expert speakers, researchers and breast cancer cancer radiologists.


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