Finding it Small Matters

Dealing with a Cancer diagnosis is without doubt one of the most difficult times in a person’s life.

The word Cancer has always had the power to strike fear into us and when you hear it applied to yourself for the first time it sets off a chain reaction of feelings from uncertainty to anxiety, worry and anger .

One of the first questions people often ask is ‘was it caught early’?

Early detection is key to successful outcomes for most cancer diagnosis. Early detection often means that there are more treatment options and sometimes early detection means that surgery can be avoided.

See below how Cancer appears white on a mammogram and notice how Breast Density also appears white. The Cancer tumour is masked by the ‘white on white’ effect in the more Dense Breast on the right.


Finding it Small Matters to us All.

Indeed #FindingItSmall may be the difference between life and death. It will have a major part to play in your quality of life both during and after treatment. is a patient awareness and advocacy in Ireland on Breast Density and associated Breast Cancer risk factors.

Please join with us in our awareness and advocacy efforts by sharing this with ALL the women that you know. Discuss it at your next GP appointment. Ask about it at your next screening mammogram.

Currently women in Ireland are not routinely told about their breast density when they attend for their screening mammogram in BreastCheck. would like full disclosure of all information in relation to Mammography Screening made available to all women. This includes notification of Breastdensity at routine screening.

A Mammogram is the only way to determine breast density so WHY are women not told this.

Breastcheck  is part of the National Screening programme would like women to understand the importance of knowing their Breast Density and ensuring that they have appropriate supplemental screening if they have Dense Breasts.


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