Being Dense under the spotlight

While continues to advocate for Irish Density inform protocols, we continue with our Global updates and information in relation to Breast Density.

Radiological Society of North America

RSNA Press Release Breast Cancer Risk Related to Changes in Breast Density as Women Age Released: December 3, 2013

Dr Nick Perry

Areas of interest

Mammography, breast ultrasound, tissue sampling prcedures of the breast under ultrasound, 2D or 3D mammographic guidance. Main research topic – breast density.


For instance, some women might undergo a modified exposure exam at age 35 to establish breast density levels, Dr. Perry noted. Those with denser breast tissue could then be followed more closely with mammography and additional imaging like MRI or ultrasound for earlier cancer detection and treatment.

Dr Nick Perry discusses Breast Density You tube link here

Dr Nick Perry has specialised in Breast Imaging for the last 25 years and has also carried out breast screening quality assurance roles at local, regional, national and European level. He was consultant to the European Commission for its Europe Against Cancer Breast Screening Programme and editor in chief of the current edition of the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Breast Screening. He has been Chairman and is still Board member of the European reference organisation for Quality Assured breast cancer screening and diagnosis (EUREF). He sits on the Public Information Committee for the Radiological Society of North America and has lectured extensively throughout Europe and America.


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