Action On Breast Density

Sunday March 11th is Mother’s Day 2018. It’s a day that affords opportunity to all of us to show our appreciation and celebrate Mothers everywhere. would like to give a big shout out to all the Mothers and the women who have supported and helped us to establish our Breast Density awareness initiative in Ireland.


Over the last 18 months, work colleagues, family members, friends and friends of friends have attended for their mammogram appointments and all have asked the question “Do I have dense breasts”?

These ladies have three things in common.

  • They are all Mothers.
  • They never miss their mammogram screening appointments.
  • They have all, so far, failed to have any breast density information disclosed to them.

Breast Density is determined by your mammogram and can only be measured by a radiologist.


This group of almost 150 women, along with hundreds more Irish women now share an awareness of the term Breast Density.


For all the women in our lives, be they mothers, partners, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends or daughters, the door has finally been proppped open, and by being consistent about communicating the facts and risk factors relating to Dense Breasts, together, we can push it wide open.

What began as a conversation with a close friend 2 years ago has spilled over into conversations with women all around the world. is part of a global patient advocacy movement focused on achieving Breast Density inform policy as part of standard mammography reporting.


BreastCheck, our Irish national population based breast screening program, offers women age 50 and over, a biannual screening mammogram. Breast screening reporting protocols in Ireland, currently do not give Irish women access to their breast density information.

http://www.Beingdense  believe that this anomaly in mammography reporting has to be addressed.

We need to collaberate and to be reactive to women’s breast health needs as identified by patients, supported by research, and put into action by health care practitioners and government.

We need to be reactive to the needs of the 40% of women who have Dense Breasts.

We need and we deserve an imformed answer on breast density when we ask the question,



Please share and #BeDenseAware






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