Breast Density conversation Down Under

This is worth reading and sharing and talking about 👭

In fact we won’t STOP talking about Breast Density until Irish Breast Screening professionals START talking about it. It’s time to take the Irish Breast Density conversation further.

Discover why women in Ireland must be made aware of their Breast Density and the associated risk linked to Breast Cancer.

Professor Wendy Ingman looking at the white and bright regions on a mammogram. Breast density is shown as white and bright regions – but so too are potential tumours.


Prof Wendy Ingham and colleagues from around Australia “collectively appreciated that the problem of breast density contributing to missed cancers by mammography was serious, such that it warranted the unprecedented action of research scientists to form a national alliance, “step out of their labs” and start a conversation with the Australian community”. Full peer reviewed abstract click here.

Decades of research exists to support the right for women to seek Breast Density Notification Policy.

Please help Irish advocacy by sharing this with other women, family, friends and colleagues.

It’s smart to know about Being Dense


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Being Dense Face Book page @breastdensityreporting




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