Hidden harm of mammography

Nancy Cappello, breast cancer survivor and founder of areyoudense.com advocacy talks to the Huffington Post about breast cancer screening and the lesser known implications of mammogram 59e137c871fc27779672d945673941ba

“As a consumer of mammography for my one ‘good’ breast, my desire is to replace the antiquated term ‘mammography screening’ with breast cancer screening, as we screen for breast cancer not for mammography. While mammography is currently the standard of practice for breast cancer screening, health care providers have an ethical obligation to talk truth about all the harms and benefits of mammography. If we are serious about personalized screening and shared decision making, we must expand the breast screening menu to include other screening tests, revisiting the screening interval for each patient and reexamining the current screening approach”

Huffington Post report on the hidden harm of mammography


#informwomen @breastdense seeks a review of breast screening protocols in Ireland to include breast density reporting. Breast density is quantifiable at your mammogram screening.

If you have moderate to high breast density you need to be informed and seek supplementary screening, ultrasound or MRI.

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