Breast Density-the risk factor we are not told about

Irish women run the same risks as outlined in this report.

Every 10 minutes in the UK someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. That makes a total of 62,000 each year – and the number is growing. Of the 570,000  people living with the disease – and, let’s face it, that is all of us survivors because this form of cancer can return at any time – 36,000 have secondary breast cancer.

Breast Density can only be measured by mammography.

Our National breast screening service, BreastCheck, do not routinely discuss or report breast density. BreastCheck do not routinely offer ultrasound.

Breast density is an independent risk factor for breast cancer and women are largely unaware of this. Today’s UK report… CLICK LINK BELOW

UK Telegraph says Breast Density is biggest risk factor advocates for change in Irish breast screening protocols and supports the reporting of breast density. Please visit our page and share our efforts to bring clarity and openness to this issue.

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