Breast density – the cost factor

What about the risk factor…….

It may be a cost factor, but Breast Density is now globally recognised as an independent risk factor for breast cancer and is now also associated with the development of contralateral and Interval breast cancers.

We are worth the cost, ask any woman.

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Current breast cancer screening protocols here in Ireland do not recognise breast density as an independent risk factor.

The following is an excerpt from a report compiled by CNSR (Centre for National Scientific Research) Montpellier – France / 2013

“Admitting that mammographic breast density is an independent risk factor for breast cancer in the general population has a crucial economical health care impact, since  it might lead to increasing screening frequency or reinforcing additional modalities”

Is cost the real issue?

Women with breast density currently do not have access to early detection breast cancer screening protocols.

Breast density information is not routinely shared with women.

CNSR report hereCNSR report here


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