Early detection is key in treating breast cancer

When you go for your next National Breast Screening mammogram keep the following in mind…….

  • I had regular mammograms over several years
  • I received a clearance letter after each one stating ,‘no cancer detected’
  • I developed a 6cm tumour
  • My mammograms did not detect the tumour
  • No report was written by a radiologist
  • The National Breast Screening system does not require a detailed radiology report to be written
  • Some cancers are difficult to detect on mammogram 
  • It is accepted worldwide that a woman’s Breast Density can have an impact on an accurate mammogram result
  • Breast density shows up as white on a mammogram
  • Breast tumours also show up as white on a mammogram
  • The National Breast Screening system does not routinely inform women if they have Dense Breast Tissue

Radiologists in hospital breast screening centres do write detailed radiology reports. These reports are not routinely shared with patients. ASK your GP for a copy of the radiologist’s report and query any mention of breast density in it.

I have just read yet another report stating that another American State has passed a law making it MANDATORY  for a radiologist to inform women if their mammogram reveals dense breasts

Breast density notification laws have been put into effect in 27 states in America.

Breast density notification laws in America vary but are intended to inform women who have undergone mammography about the risks posed by breast density. 

In most American States women with dense breasts are advised to seek further diagnostic tests such as ultrasound or MRI

All women should have fair access to early detection.

The purpose of national cancer screening programmes is early detection.  We are repeatedly told in Ireland that the gold standards of best international practices are employed and we place our trust in them.

Why then do radiologists and GPs routinely keep vital information from women?When they withhold information about a woman’s breast density, this may affect her health and it denies the woman the right to make an informed decision about her health.

The National Breast Screening system currently purports to uphold gold standards and best International practice. Early detection of breast cancer is key to the best possible outcome for the patient.

Mammogram is a vital diagnostic tool in screening for breast cancer but additional screening is vital for women who have dense breast tissue.

Women need be told about this.

It is too late for a lot of women, many women have undergone unnecessary mastectomies and chemotherapy treatments and have poorer prognosis because information about their breasts was with held.

In a lot of cases the consequences of Breast Density are not realised until after a delayed diagnoses.

If you think our National Breast Screening system should inform women about their Breast Density, please comment below, or msg info@beingdense.com

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